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Meet Our Yoga Kids Teachers

How we feel, how others feel, how to deal with stress or anxiety, how to work in a team... by encouraging early development of these skills, we can help create a happier and more balanced world.



Every day Susana feels at home teaching her children something, but she believes they are the ones who give her the greatest wisdom: what it means to be a child and how to understand them is a vehicle for harmonizing family circles.


Serene and determined, with a thirst for self-discovery and a passion for working with children, Susana felt the need to explore her inner child inspired by being a mother. Graduated in meditation and yoga for children, she teaches extracurricular activities and yoga skills for children, being a real asset to help them throughout their lives.


His understanding of what it means to be a child allows him to adapt lessons to the specific needs of each child, teaching them something new every day and helping them to live in harmony.



Sónia yoga teacher for children with 145 hours of certification at the prestigious Sunshine Yoga School. is passionate about yoga and how the practice of this discipline brought serenity, self-knowledge and control of her Self.


It recognizes that in children's daily lives, yoga can contribute to an improvement in education, health and happiness for children and their families. ​ Passionate about children since forever, and dedicated to anything she commits herself to, becoming a mother inspired her to embrace a new chapter in her life.


As she achive a more serene state in which we value the present, she decided to share her journey, of how the power of our vital energy worked through pranayamas, asanas and meditations can make children free and express their imagination.

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