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kid doing yoga

Yoga is about life
and how we live it.


We invite you to happy and fun classes, full of creativity and Engaging routines that enrich the magic of childhood through mindfulness, relaxation and self-confidence.


Our classes

Our fun and engaging classes are good for the body and mind, with a focus on mindfulness, empathy and teamwork, supporting physical and emotional growth.

01.  Structured classes with experienced instructors.

02.  Learn through songs and stories.

03.  Yoga movements specially designed for children. 04.  Lessons adapted to your child's physical and emotional age.

04. Yoga kids classes ajusted to the age and phosical skills of your child. 


Together we build the foundations of a healthy body, mind and lifestyle, gaining new social, emotional and physical skills and, above all, making Yoga for kids fun!

We can't wait to join you on this adventure!

Our Classes

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